DSC_3737Larch Cottage Nursery, which is located on the edge of the Lake District. and is any Plant Enthusiast’s dream, it is nestled in Melkinthorpe, adjacent to the Red Barn Art Gallery, which is also well worth a visit.

In this unlikeliest of settings, a nursery was established by Peter Scott who was struggling to source suitable plants for his landscaping business.

Scott decided the answer was to grow them himself, and so Larch Cottage started.

However Larch Cottage is no utilitarian nursery with rows of plants being produced in regimented style, instead Scott, a lover of Italy, art and architecture has created an incredible landscape to showcase his plants, with richly planted borders (all labelled on our last visit)

A particular delight is the Chapel Garden which is the Scott’s private family garden, where nestling in amongst the perennials is the wedding chapel Scott has built for his own wedding in the summer of 2014.

Larch Cottage boasts a range of some 15 000 varieties of plant, (enough to keep even the keenest Plant Enthusiast happy for an hour or two!) many of which are propagated on site.

Acclaim for Larch Cottage has come from such horticultural elders as Roy Lancaster, who has described Larch Cottage as ‘An exciting destination for any gardener.’

Although the Plant Enthusiast is all about plants, it has got to be said that, after considerable testing, the Greenhouse Restaurant, resembling an Italian Villa, is outstanding both with regard to the quality of the food, and the service of the staff. The salad leaves are grown on site as for the coffee Scott explains, “the best coffee I have ever tasted was in Florence and so I have it flown across so I can serve the best coffee here.”